Leadership for Social Justice Certification

The new NASS Leadership for Social Justice Certification turns the concepts of student equity and social justice into a tangible, actionable and sustainable practices.

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  • Sessions 1 and 2: Leading Courageous Conversations as a
    Culturally Proficient Educator
  • Session 3: Understanding Your Community
  • Session 4: Leading as a Culturally Proficient Educator
  • Session 5: Emotional Intelligence
  • Session 6: Transformational Leadership
  • Session 8: The Planning Process
  • Sessions 7 and 9: Family and Community
  • Session 10: Teaching and Learning
  • Session 11: Building and Leading Teams;
    Talent Development
  • Session 12: Accountability for Learning
  • Session 13: Revenues and Expenditures
  • Session 14: Ethics, Laws, Norms

Contact Dave Cash for additional information via phone at (805) 570-8787 or by email at cashcounsel@gmail.com.

NASS Certification FAQs

Is this certification recognized by any governing body?

The NASS Leadership for Social Justice Program was custom designed with a focus on action and results vs. theory and is currently recognized by association members who lead Social Justice and Equity initiatives throughout the country.

What if I need to withdraw from the program? Will my money be refunded?

NASS will have several cohorts starting each year so your fees would be applied to a future session but not refunded.

What is the refund policy?

Cancellations made 30 days prior to the start of the cohort will be refunded in full.

Is this the same as the ACSA Equity Training?

NASS and ACSA’s Equity Executive have worked closely to align the principles and practices in the curriculum but the programs are unique from each other.

Are housing and meals included in the price for those who attend the October 1-3, 2017 Washington D.C. NASS Social Justice PreConference? 

Housing and meals for the D.C. trips are not included in the price but the registration for this event is included. 

What if I can’t make the in-person sessions in Washington D.C.?  Do I still get my certification?

If you are unable to attend the in-person sessions, you will be required to take the same sessions on-line and complete the work assignments given to students at the in-person sessions.

Is there flexibility if I miss a session?

Yes, since we will have multiple cohorts going at once, you can attend a different session to complete your requirements.

Is this a lifetime certification?

No: with the advances in Social Justice practices, it’s important that we update with new knowledge, tools, and practices. Certifications will need to be renewed every two years.

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